Interdisciplinary Designer


(Logo, Packaging)


Organization Through
Sustainable Elegance

Branding | Packaging | Photography
Year: 2016
(School project)


Officina is a contemporary office supply carrier that strives to provide eco-friendly products (partnering with the Rainforest Alliance) that are both multi-functional and sustainable. Designed for male boomers who strive for clutter-less workspaces that while staying eco-friendly.

In order to resolve the common problem of the average prepackaged office supplies encased within non-recyclable material, the task at hand became to sell office essentials in a more sustainable manner, while also giving them second uses—packages with a “keep me” factor. By incorporating clean product photography, the buyer is also able to identify what is held within the package, avoided needless windows. The aesthetic, appealing to the boomer male, was heavily driven by the elusive James Bond, bringing forth high-end, accessible office items into the modern office.


Close-up label