Interdisciplinary Designer
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Keep Track,
Stay Motivated 

UX/UI | Naming | Logo | App design
Year: 2015
(School project)


Motiv8 is a visual journal app that helps users track their progress on various goals they have set in mind. This community-based mobile application allows users to document and track goals through an array of categories ranging from physical activities to artistic skill-building goals—all tailored to their preference. 

The objective of this project was to create an application that would help push people to tackle on those long overdue goals and make it easier for them to get motivated. Allowing users to set their own time frame (365 days, 30 days, etc.) that works best with their schedule and availability as well. By creating set daily reminders as well as offering detailed specs on their goal progression (monthly, weekly, daily), users are more apt to pursue and share endless goals, all the while following and connecting with other like-minded individuals through the social feed feature.