Interdisciplinary Designer

Holy Brew


A Sacred Mix:
Coffee Beer 

Branding | Naming | Packaging | Photography
Year: 2015
(School project)


Chapel Hill Coffee is a small coffee-shop opened up by owner Rafael Vizcaino, who built his little shop with the inspiration that came from the sight of a unusual chapel upon a hill—as well as a particular Sonic Youth song. This mother brand was the inspiration of Holy Brew: A collaboration brew with Chapel Hill Coffee featuring locally roasted, small-batch Colombian coffee paired with unique beer brews. Coffee & Beer—what’s not to love?

The objective was to create an elegant twist to a playful idea of mixing these two liquids, coffee and beer, together. A coffee brew for the like-minded individual that was sophisticated and playful in its design had to undergo various trials of old-style typography and the illustrative representation of stained glass, channeling a sacrilegious aesthetic.